Sunday, December 7, 2008

Greatness Watch (& another Senator Kennedy)

Well, these will be the longest 43 days before this man gets to be President. Come on! So it seems we can start calling President-elect Obama Mr. New Deal. I don't know why, but the idea of Obama backing massive infrastructure spending (oh infrastructure!) makes me so happy.

Funny stuff.

Not so funny stuff.

So okay, I didn't post a Greatness Watch last week because of Thanksgiving and this week will be a short one because while I'm 25-years-old, it seems I am just my father's tool.

First, Obama nominates retired Gen. Eric K. Shinseki to be secretary of the Veterans Affairs Department. Experience? Check. Diversity? Check. Balls? Check. Go Obama, go!

Second, new-mom Amy Poehler returned to "Saturday Night Live," reprising her role as Hillary Clinton to address her selection as Secretary of State. Then Darrell Hammond then stopped in as Bill Clinton. "You voted for change, but you ain't never gonna change this."

"Like the South, vampires and Britney Spears, we will rise again."

And finally, while Hillary Clinton is getting ready to head to the State Department, the battle for her Senate seat is heating up. One of the leading contenders now is Caroline Kennedy. Some have hailed the idea, while other knock it down. I think that, mainly because she has avoided politics, is the best reason for her to get involved. I'm happy to hear that Ted Kennedy is working to help her. From my little understanding of Caroline and why she stayed out of the public eye, it is the right time for all of us to get involved.

Caroline has been moved by Obama like millions of Americans were moved by her father more than 45 years ago. It's starting to look like the start of a new day in Washington, and in politics in general. A fresh face like Caroline Kennedy is just what this nation needs.

Even more symbolic is handing over the New York Senate seat (which Robert Kennedy held till his death 40 years ago) from a Clinton, and all the politics of the past 16 years, to a Kennedy with an eye on a new way of doing business much different than the same politics of the past.

And the list of U.S. Senators who will be forever tied to Barack Obama by coming to power in 2009?
  • Mark Udall (D-CO)
  • Tom Udall (D-NM)
  • Mike Johanns (R-NE)
  • Mark Warner (D-VA)
  • Jim Risch (R-ID)
  • Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)
  • Kay Hagan (D-NC)
  • Jeff Merkley (D-OR)
  • Mark Begich (D-AK)
  • Ted Kaufman (D-DE)*
  • Al Franken (D-MN)**
  • Caroline Kennedy (D-NY)***
  • Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)***

* Said to be the man to take over Joe Biden's seat for the next two years.
Franken is in the middle of a recount battle, and depending on who you ask (Star Tribune or Franken's campaign) the count is all over the place (Coleman up 192, Franken up 4, respectively) so the seat is still up in the air.
Seats open, or due to be open, because of Obama and Clinton getting better jobs. I have put the people I want to see in those seats.

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