Monday, January 12, 2009

Sometimes a dark hole looks nice

Not to be dramatic, but today has been one of the worst in years for me. The last few weeks have left me cold, angry and downright bitter. The world sucks, and I am sick of dealing with it.

So I went to bed early last night. Spending close to 12 hours in bed hoping to sleep away the bullshit, I woke up this morning knee deep. Not really, of course.

But after having to dig my car out of the snow for the fifth time in 4 days (and I didn't go anywhere Sunday!), and having to drive downtown where stupid people drive, and then still being a little bit late for work because the roads were horrible, I still felt like shit. Then work sucked. Not much to do. And I felt fucking shitty. So I decided to cut and run. Go home and forget this day ever happened.

But then I drove home. Roads still shitty, people still fucking stupid. Couldn't get up my driveway. Couldn't get in the ally. High topped my car trying to back out of ally that I couldn't get into. Took 30 mintues for me to dig my car out of that. Had help. At least one guy's not fucking stupid or a jackass. Wish the same could be said for my jackass of a neighbor who could only laughed when I couldn't get up the driveway.

Then, after having to walk to the house to grab a shovel, and walk back, to dig my car out of the ally entrance, I cleaned the driveway and got the car up it. Took my stuff inside. Then fell on my ass (and hit my head pretty hard) going down the driveway to get the shovel. Then fell again (and again hitting my head, and this time my right arm too) walking up the driveway with the shovel. Good thing I cleaned off the snow, wouldn't want that softening my fall.

I feel like shit. I hurt like shit. I still don't know, 2 hours later, whether to cry or scream, as I've done both, and neither helped.

Then I read this. Joe the Plumber: Ban media from war

As someone who graduated with a degree in journalism, and someone who worked on both his high school and college newspapers, I couldn't even understand this. Couldn't understand why anyone would think this is a good idea.

But it is this that shows what my life has become. I have to deal with this type of shit. People who are so talking about of their ass so much that they actually shit over all the normal people. Ban media from war? What's next, making sure the media can't ask questions of our politicians? Then making sure the media doesn't spread it's evil liberal truth around to people. We can't have the people knowing the truth. God no. Just the bible. Fuck the media, and put the church in charge. God bless God!


I don't want to even get into the fact that 'Joe the Jackass' is over in Israel right now, COVERING THE WAR FOR THE (RIGHT WING) MEDIA!!! So the right wing media bloggers can cover the war, but not the "liberal, mainstream" media. Now I totally get it.


So while I fight my own personal demons, try not to fall on my ass again, and hope that my family won't be hurt by the economy (ala Bush) anymore than it already has, I will have fight every day against bull shit like this. And this. And this, because what else am I going to do?

Give in? Fuck no!

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