Saturday, November 1, 2008

Because I'm odd

I just love random little things like this:

It's funny to me that while several of the numbers off crazy off the real numbers (Utah for Obama?) it is also creepy how the basic trends are there. Very crazy.

CNN's map:

So, what do I think the map will look like? Because I know everyone out there is wondering what I think. Yeah right!

LinkMontana, North Dakota, and Georgia are going to be close. I just see them, with a major wave for Barack Obama, going to Obama. If they don't go for Obama, the next line of states to watch are North Carolina and Indiana, and to a lesser extent, Missouri. If things go even more for McCain, watch Ohio and Florida.

If things go even better for Obama, look at West Virgina, Arizona (McCain's home state!), and South Dakota.

And most of all, VOTE!!!

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