Sunday, March 1, 2009

All life is a fight

Can I just say how happy I am to have a President who will promise something on the campaign trail, and then actually fight for it once he is elected. It's almost like this is how it is always supposed to happen. Ha!

So, I have started a new story. Right now it is entitled "Between Friends" and I am just SO happy to be writing again. I actually came up with a story and characters all by myself. Yay! I have the first part of the story all worked out. So I can write a short story, and maybe it will turn into a series or something. I was starting off writing a screenplay, but I really loved writing the story I just kept it that way. Maybe I will write the screenplay at some point. It may make a great short movie.

So what finally got me writing? Well, besides the totally random things in life that give you ideas, I have been reading two memoirs. President Obama's Dreams of My Father, and Anthony Rapp's Without You. So the stories of friends, the moments that change lives, and the energy just hit me all at once. So I write. It's going to be great.

I still have a little block. Just because of the part that I'm on. I have a weird way of righting. While I have the whole plot (at least the first short story) planned out, but I have to write it in order. I find it flows much better from the start if you write it in order. It at least helps me keep character and plot arcs in mind. And right now I'm writing something happening at work for my character, Mark Cameron. I just need to get to know the guy.

Oh, I really forgot how great writing is.

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