Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video primer for the hear & now

And along with seeing where we are now, I totally agree with the President that we need to also take the long view; the big picture. We need to know where we are going, not only where we are now. And maybe even where we were. Say, in 2000.

The defining moment in President Obama's prime-time news conference Tuesday night came about midway through. Nearly all the questions up to then had dealt with the ragged economy and the administration's plans to turn it around. So when a reporter asked Obama -- who, as you may have heard, is the nation's first black president -- to talk about how race has affected the first couple months of his time in office, it wasn't entirely clear how he would answer.

Unless, that is, you had been paying attention to the way Obama had focused his answers up to that point. Over and over again, he had been trying to drive home the message that he and his aides understand what the country is going through. So when ABC News' Ann Compton asked, "Has the last 64 days been a relatively color-blind time?" his answer fit right into the flow of the night. "I think that the last 64 days has been dominated by me trying to figure out how we're going to fix the economy, and that affects black, brown and white," Obama replied.

- By Mike Madden,

And I can tell you that having a President in office I nearly totally agree with has made me a better person too? See, now I'm listening to all the people attack President Obama (which is their 1st amendment right), and I because I tend to take everything personally, I have had to grow a thicker skin. I mean, people attacking Obama over the fact that making charitable donations a little less tax deductible will make people less likely to give. Really!!!

People will stop giving to great charitable organizations because they won't get to write as much off on their taxes? Talk about giving with your heart. Or not.

So yeah. People can be mean. I'll leave you with one last video, from December 2000. I love you Jon Stewart.

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