Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Sunday (for me & for America)

I have personally been up in arms about the new John McCain attack line that Obama wants to "spread the wealth" and he is a crazy socialist. I have been forming a blog in my head attacking just this line of attack. I'd even done some research online for things to back up my arguments.

But then I find this: What's So Awful About "Spreading the Wealth"?

Damn you Jonathan Cohn! How dare you post a great blog about this before I could write one?

Well, I guess I just move on, humbled once again by the all-too-many voices not only getting to my talking points before me, but making those points better than I could have.

So, who seems to be raising record amounts of money? And who is attacking Obama for raising this much money from millions of Americans as destroying the campaign culture by leading to scandal?
Come on. Really? I understand the need for control of campaigns, but saying you shouldn't be able to tap into the people and their anger is just bullshit. I want to see Obama, if elected Nov. 4th, push for real campaign reform. He should call on both sides of the aisle, sit them down at a table, and finally let logic, reason, and common sense drive how we can create a campaign environment that is good for the real debate of issues, lets the campaign talk about what they see as important, but that also limits the negative and mean-spirited bullshit that fills all too many campaigns on both sides. And only with that much support, both with money raised and votes cast, can anyone actually get the job done.

Now, onto the great news this Sunday. Colin Powell backs Barack Obama.

Really, Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama (updated w/ video from ObamaYouTube):

Finally! Now, please please please fight the urge to call this just another black man endorsing a black man. Please! Tom Brokaw already went there (kinda). But the good news is all the clips being played are un-spinning the spin of Brokaw's line of questions.

Now, you say endorsements don't mean anything, right? Wrong! Well, as pointed out in that blog, Rasmussen found in one of their telephone surveys something noteworthy:
Out of a list of fifteen different public figures, publications, national associations and politicians, only one endorsement – Colin Powell’s – would have a significant net positive impact on voters. - Colin Powell: Most Valuable Endorsement
And not only does this seem (or seemed several months ago) to be a rare endorsement that actually does help with voters, it helps also helps blunt the attack line of the McCain/Palin attack machine to call into question his readiness to be Commander-In-Chief. All he has to do it say "But wait, General Powell thinks I am ready to lead." Check and mate.

And it doesn't help when the point I just made (just above, go read it again!) is being made by, wait for it, Newt Gingrich! Oops!

And then on top if it all, Fareed Zakaria Comes out For Obama. And yes, three Daily Kos links. Sorry, I just couldn't find any good sources on this topic. If you want more (all, um, none of you that read this) I'll find some when the pop up.

At this point, the only other prominent Republicans left are the Bushs. We've got 15 days left. When do you think W will just say, "Ah hell. I thing Barack should win. Hehe." or Daddy Bush say "Only Obama can clean up the mess my son left."?

So yeah, good Sunday. Great Sunday!

Edit 10/19/08 2:57 p.m.: Barack Obama hits back on socialism charge. Go Barack Go!

Editx2 10/19 4:21 p.m.: If Tom Brokaw hinted at it, Rush Limbaugh slapped you in the face with the "well of course Powell backs Barack; they are both black" line. I don't know why I'm shocked.

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