Friday, October 24, 2008

Tom Harkin!

Now, for a list of crazy and wierd reasons I won't go into here, I've never been the biggest fan of Tom Harkin. He has been my senator since I was 2 years old. One of politicians I agreed with, but really didn't like. And for similarly weird reason, I like Chuck Grassley but disagree with him on many things.

But, Tom Harkin has won me over. I actually like the guy and look forward to voting for him along side Barack Obama. Why?

Another Vile Attack by Tom Harkin.

Now, lets first talk about having a senator that knows how to use the tools of the next generation to talk to his supporters. Daily Kos? Posting blogs? Facebook?!?! Go Tom Harkin, go!

And now to the substance of what Harkin said. He stood up and called BS on these attacks on him and other fine Democrats and Americans, including Barack Obama. And Harkin gets more points than I can count for calling out Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

But he doesn't just use his pulpit to attack back and call out the "McCarthy" types coming out of the woodwork. Like in New York. Or in North Carolina. So Tom Harkin is one of the new Democrat with an actual backbone.

And I will be proud. To vote for Tom Harkin, Leonard Boswell, and Barack Obama. And to stand up for what I believe, willing to fight alongside my allies Tom, Leonard, and Barack for the America I love.

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