Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Michele Bachmann

After spending just a little too much time on a blog about Michele Bachmann, I just threw it out.

I echo Barack when I say, enough! ENOUGH!

Enough of this name calling. Enough of this demonizing the other side. Enough of questioning someone's love of country! Enough of this bullshit ripping America apart at the seams! Enough of calling for a clean campaign with one hand and throwing mud with the other!

Enough of the media just repeating each sides talking points and being sissies by letting the story plow over them. Enough of saying both sides are to blame for the negativity! Enough of this false-equivalence! Enough of the facts getting fucked by a self-interested media and partisan spin.

Enough already congresswoman Bachmann! You are not Joseph McCarthy.

I've had enough of this ripping at each other. And I for one will be voting for change, for unity, and for our next President, Barack Obama.

And because we are all "pro-America" I think everyone should take a trip over here and give what they can. Americans know how to express ourselves with money.

And we really know how use our vote.


And a hint at a blog I am working on (and won't be throwing out), I think we may see 150 million people vote in this year's election. It's gonna be crazy!

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